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Below are the details of some grants and tax relief schemes currently available. External insulation grants offer very attractive incentives to make your home cosier and more energy efficient.

Altox Ltd is fully HRI Scheme compliant. HRI is the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme which provides for tax relief for Homeowners by way of an Income Tax credit at 13.5% of qualifying expenditure on repair, renovation or improvement works carried out on the Homeowner’s main home by qualifying Contractors. In order to qualify for the HRI, the work must be done between 25 October 2013 and 31 December 2018 for homeowners and between 15 October 2014 and 31 December 2018 for landlords. (Budget 2017 extended this closing date from 31 December 2016.) For more details – click on the link to HRI scheme.

Altox Ltd are registered with SEAI – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland – There are currently two grant programmes available to homeowners: Please click on the links below for more information on each of these schemes and see our Insulation page.

The Better Energy Homes scheme provides grants to homeowners who invest in energy efficiency improvements in one or more of the following areas: Roof Insulation, Wall Insulation, Installation of a High Efficiency (> 90%) Gas or Oil fired Boiler, Heating Control Upgrades and Solar panels.

The Warmer Homes Scheme (WHS) aims to improve the energy efficiency and comfort conditions of homes occupied by vulnerable households in receipt of the National Fuel Allowance Scheme through the installation of draught proofing, attic insulation, lagging jackets, low energy light bulbs and cavity wall insulation where appropriate.